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You just received it: The “Notice to Appear” email providing you with the date for your Canadian Citizenship Test. It’s both a relief and a source of anxiety. You are happy to see your Canadian citizenship moving forward but now you must start studying seriously because you do not want to fail.

The study guide is a nice read but you need to do more than reading. You need to learn its content. It turns out there is a lot of information to memorize, in particular dates of historical events. Visual learning is a powerful way to summarize information in a more memorable way. So I created for myself a timeline on paper with each important historical event summarized.

Once I was (successfully 🎉) done with my test I looked at my timeline and decided that it shouldn’t go to waste. Instead I created a webpage to help others learn for their Canadian Citizenship Test.

History of Canada from the Canadian Citizenship Test study guide

Please create an issue in the Github repository if you find any error or even just a typo in the data. I’m also curious to learn better ways to display a historical timeline. I’d love for others to use the data file to create different visual aids. So fork away!

Thank you to Rahul Patidar for reviewing and providing very useful feedback on the timeline.